PAUL BUSSMAN 2018 Legislative Session Final Week

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PAUL BUSSMAN 2018 Legislative Session Final Week

Paul Bussman, the Alabama State District 4 Senator (serving Cullman, Lawrence, Marion and Winston counties) will once again keep citizens up-to-date throughout the 2018 Alabama Legislative session and beyond here on the pages of Cullman Today.

The Final Week topics Senator Bussman tackles are:

0:00 – Long Session, No Breaks, Its Done

1:25 – Its A Matter of Whether We Will Have Ethics, Or Not, In This State

2:18 – Interlock Bill Passes; 1st Time Drunk Drivers Shutdown

4:35 – Pay Raise To Alabama Teachers & Many Other Successes

5:05 – Rural Broadband Gets Grants

5:23 – Income Tax Break For Low-Income Citizens

5:55 – Interstate 65 In South Cullman Will Be Fixed

7:00 – Local Cullman Bills: Coroner, Jail Food

7:30 – Most Successful Session Since Bussman Has Been In Office

8:00 – Senator Bussman Hits The Campaign Trail

9:00 – Why Should Voters Re-Elect You?

Here is an overview and play-by-play commentary from Senator Bussman on the FINAL WEEK of the 2018 Alabama Legislative Sessions:

Alabama State House

PAUL BUSSMAN 2018 Legislative Session Final Week

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