Let Us End Suffering In Silence With Mental & Emotional Imbalances

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Breaking News, County News, Cullman

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Let Us End Suffering In Silence With Mental & Emotional Imbalances

The newly formed Mental Health Advisory Committee is getting both busy and serious in tackling the rapidly deteriorating state of mental health and psychiatric care in Cullman County.

For background on this situation, and the Mental Health Advisory Committee, see Cullman Psychiatric Commitments Up 300% In Just Two Years.

A press conference featuring some of the leading participants in the battle for proper mental health care in Cullman also held a press conference early Friday. You can see that historic moment on Cullman Today’s Facebook page now; it will be available on our website and YouTube channel later.

This Mental Health Advisory Committee was originally formed in order to find a way to address mental health issues in Cullman County.

Cullman County has a reputation for solving problems and helping people. The Committee has asked Cullman Regional to establish a fund to help support this initiative.

Phase 1 of this plan, according to Advisory Committee Leader Neal Morrison, will require a budget of approximately $750,000 to become fully operational and effective.

Phase 1 focuses on addressing and alleviating the current crisis inside Cullman Regional’s Emergency Department.

Cullman Regional is a medical care facility, not a mental health unit. The hospital is not chartered for psychiatric care, nor is it staffed for such.

With the dramatic, 300% rise in the number of people needing inpatient mental health care from 2014 to present, the situation has created a crisis in local emergency departments, including Cullman Regional.

The hospital is required to provide medical clearance in order to admit patients to scarce psychiatric hospital beds in Alabama.

Patients routinely wait days, and sometimes weeks, in the emergency department as they wait and search for an open psychiatric bed.

This situation does not work well for anyone.

YOU can support ALL three Steps of this group’s plans and efforts by donating what you can to the ‘Mental Healthcare Initiative Fund’.

Cullman Today made the first donation to this fund this morning around 10 am, we encourage you to do the same.

Making suffering-in-silence with mental imbalances and psychiatric trauma is awful for those so afflicted. Friends and family’s close to the patient suffers alongside their loved one. Consider helping this Committee take care of the most acutely affected patients AND – in time- offer, available, effective and affordable mental health care to EVERY citizen in Cullman.

You can make a donation to the Mental Healthcare Initiative Fund here.

Let Us End Suffering In Silence With Mental & Emotional Imbalances

Timothy Collins

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at cullmantoday@gmail.com.

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