Four Vehicle Collision Slows Up Interstate 65

by | Apr 23, 2018 | EMS, Public Safety

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Four Vehicle Collision Slows Up Interstate 65

Cullman e911 has dispatched emergency responders to the Mile Marker 297 area of the southbound lanes of Interstate 65.

Two cars are on the right shoulder, two more are off in the grassy median area. It looks like two accidents have occurred in close proximity to each other.

It appears there are no major physical injuries to vehicle occupants.

Arriving on the scene are now personnel from Good Hope and Bethsadia Fire Departments, Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, and Cullman EMS. A Trooper with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is expected join the effort shortly.

With one lane blocked, motorists are still whizzing by at 35 mph. As emergency responders arrive, that pace will surely slow down to 10 to 15 mph.

Traffic will likely back up to the north all the way to the Dodge City 299 Exit.

If you are in this mess, you should SLOW DOWN, be patient, and let these men and women sort this out. No one needs to be placed at additional risk at this wreck site.

It appears moisture on the roadway may have been a partial cause of this mishap.

Time of Wreck: 12:20 pm (approx.)

Four Vehicle Collision Slows Up Interstate 65

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