STATE OF OUR COMMUNITIES 2018 Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce

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Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce

The Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee conducted their annual STATE OF OUR COMMUNITIES event at the Cullman Civic Center today.

It was an all-day, action-packed celebration of the current state of the Cullman Community.

Attendees heard topical updates about Cullman education, healthcare, local government, state legislation with Chick-fil-A providing food and drink as well as acting as the Event Sponsor.

Doors opened at 7 am with the function concluding at 3 pm.

In addition to major sessions’ focal points above, representatives from many agencies and organizations related to human services, utilities, tourism and recreation, economic development, and the Chamber of Commerce were located in breakout rooms providing information and demonstrations to visitors throughout the day.

One of the more popular breakout rooms was occupied by the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) Trade Show. This sub-event allowed YEA! students from Cullman and Holly Pond High Schools to showcase the products and services they’ve been working hard on all academic year through booths and displays.

The “Chick-fil-A State of Our Communities” was free to the public.

In addition, All-Access Pass availability provided priority seating, breakfast, lunch, hospitality room access and a swag bags for those interested in complete involvement.

The primary sessions offered in the main auditorium were

State of Education (8 am)
State of Healthcare (10 am)
State of Local Government (11:30 am)
Legislative Forum (1:30 pm)

The State of Education segment put Cullman’s top students and educators on display. Honorees named on-stage. All of these exceptional students and teachers were recognized.

Student of the Year
Grace Chambers of Cold Springs High School; to our

Career Technical Student of the Year
Russell McDonald of Vinemont High School and Cullman Area Technology Academy

City Elementary Teacher of the Year
Patti Britton of East Elementary School

City Secondary Teacher of the Year
Kim Johnson of Cullman Middle School

County Teacher of the Year
Letha Miller of Holly Pond Elementary School

County Secondary Teacher of the Year
LaTisha Jackson – Good Hope High School

This portion of the event was sponsored by Wallace State Community College.

Next up, the State of Healthcare panel (sponsored by Katherine Morgan State Farm) was eye-opening and impactful for those with even a passing interest in healthcare in Cullman.

The State of Local Government lunchtime presentation was sponsored by American Proteins Inc. The Cullman County Commission Chairman and the Mayors of City of Cullman Municipal Government, Hanceville, Alabama and Good Hope were all on hand to provide current and future positives found within in their jurisdictions.

Finally, candidates embroiled in Alabama State House and Senate races took part in the closing Legislative Forum (sponsored by James R Smith Trucking).

This group included elected officials Senator Paul Bussman and Representative Corey Harbison.

STATE OF OUR COMMUNITIES 2018 Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce

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Cullman Civic Center

STATE OF OUR COMMUNITIES 2018 Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce

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