EDWARD REINHARDT Cullman Fire Chief Going Out On Top

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EDWARD REINHARDT Cullman Fire Chief Going Out On Top

Yesterday marked the final day for Fire Chief Edward Reinhardt, Jr. leading Cullman Fire Rescue.

The Chief retired leaving behind a stunning record of progressive achievement that transformed a small city fire department into a multidimensional, all-purpose, emergency response agency on par with major metropolitan areas vastly larger than Cullman Fire Rescue.

Chief Reinhardt invested almost 40 years with the department.

He profoundly dedicated his professional life to ensuring the highest level of public safety possible to the citizens of the City of Cullman. It was not just a job to him; he retires as the physical embodiment of an archetypal Fire Chief fast-forwarded into modern times.

Chief Reinhardt started at the lowest entry level position in the department back in 1978. He rose through all the ranks of fire suppression and emergency response at Cullman Fire Rescue. His career reached its zenith when he was named Fire Chief of the City of Cullman in 2009.

He has done a remarkable job leading all aspects of the department, interfacing with multiple public safety/emergency agencies on the local, state and Federal levels as well as navigating the treacherous, but necessary, political landscape since that time.

President of the Cullman County Volunteer Fire AssociationJoe Golden – praised Reinhardt today:

“Edward Reinhardt is a shining example of what it means to be a career firefighter. His retirement will be a loss, not only in the City of Cullman but across all of Cullman County. Chief Reinhardt never hesitated to provide assistance to any fire department in Cullman County (and beyond) who needed help. I wish him well as he steps down, but not out!”

In this video, the people closest to him at Cullman Fire Rescue offer him this heartfelt, emotional tribute and send-off:

Those contributing are:

• Jamie Patton-Hyatt
• Darren Peeples
• Chris Chaffin
• Darrel Harrington
• Gary Mikus
• Brian Bradberry

Cullman Fire Rescue

EDWARD REINHARDT Cullman Fire Chief Going Out On Top

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