As Real As It Gets KIMBERLY JOHNSON Cancer Survivor

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As Real As It Gets KIMBERLY JOHNSON Cancer Survivor

There were more stories than people at Friday night’s 25th annual Relay for Life event at the Cullman Fairgrounds.

Every cancer survivor has a story inside of more stories and so does their caregivers. We wish we had the resources to tell every story.

Instead, we will focus on just one story that profoundly encapsulates the positive essence of virtually every cancer survivor.

Kimberly Johnson will be that story from Friday night.

She was chosen as the opening ceremony keynote speaker. There were several reasons for that choice. Perhaps the most important reason is her determination to stay positive and her tenacious refusal to allow cancer to take away her dignity, joy, and life essence:

“I made a choice that I was going to keep my head up, that I was going to stay positive, and I was not going to let this rob me of the joy I have for life.”

Kimberly received her cancer diagnosis the day before Thanksgiving in 2016. After a super rough first day processing the news, something shifted in her.

Surrounded by her soon-to-be caregivers, on Thanksgiving 2016 their battle with cancer was on.

In this video, we will let Kimberly – in her own words – tell the full story of her journey to from the bottom to the top. She is now cancer-free!

As Real As It Gets KIMBERLY JOHNSON Cancer Survivor

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