Aggrieved Heritage Village Residents Dominate City Council Meeting

by | May 8, 2018 | City News, Cullman City

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Aggrieved Heritage Village Residents Dominate City Council Meeting

Neighbors from the troubled Heritage Village subdivision descended upon Cullman City Hall on Monday night to air their grievances about water drainage and street problems at the property.

During the public comments portion of the regular Cullman City Council meeting – Kerry Zozoka – a resident living in the Heritage Village subdivision commanded the podium.

As you can see in this video, Zozoka is understandably upset and frustrated by rainwater drainage problems and rapidly deteriorating streets in her neighborhood:

Zozoka came to the City Council Meeting along with a posse of fellow residents from the same subdivision.

All these individuals corroborated Zozoka’s testimony and shared their own personal horror stories about the issues they face as residents. One story recounted how the waterlogged nature of her property created a severe leg injury that required medical attention.

Zozoka provided multiple photographs to Mayor Woody Jacobs, City Attorney Roy Williams, and the rest of the Council.

Barker Brothers – as the apparent primary builder in the subdivision – were mentioned multiple times by the aggrieved parties. One woman said:

“They told me they weren’t coming out to fix anything.”

The Mayor and Council members were patient and attentive in hearing the citizen complaints.

From the evidence presented Monday night, it was clear to all in attendance that serious problems exist at Heritage Village.

It is unclear who the responsible party (or parties) might be for these issues.

Attorney Williams carefully explained and succinctly outlined who the responsible parties might be. However, without a thorough investigation, he pointed out that it is impossible to assign blame at this point.

Mayor Woody Jacobs assured the residents that city employees would visit the location and assess the problems, fixing the areas that fall within the municipality’s obligations.

Further remediation beyond what the City of Cullman can legally do will have to be taken up by the residents and any other entities involved in the problem, such as Barker Brothers.

Heritage Village Subdivision

Aggrieved Waterlogged Heritage Village Residents Dominate City Council Meeting

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