Cigarette Butt Generated Roadside Fire Slows Traffic On Highway 31 South

by | May 8, 2018 | Fires, Public Safety

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Sergeant Rob Long of the Hanceville Police Department attributed today’s roadside fire in the 7800 block of Highway 31 South to motorist carelessness with a cigarette butt:

“Nice day, no lightning, no residence or commercial structure nearby … I’d say someone tossed a cigarette out the window of their vehicle. As result, here we are trying to put out this fire while keeping traffic flowing around it without getting somebody ran over. It’s a good thing we got here fast; with this wind, a few more minutes and we’d have a 20-acre hay field on fire.”

Long and Hanceville Police were first on the scene with units from Johnson Crossing Volunteer Fire Department & EMS plus Hanceville Fire Station 1 arriving soon thereafter.

Cullman EMS Supervisor James Curtis even manned a water hose in the early going of the fire.

Due to these men’s rapid response and quick action, the fire was contained to the roadside and adjoining wooded area. An endangered 20-acre hay field to the east of the blaze was spared.

Also, two political campaign signs were touched by the fire line. Captain Jacob Hudson of Hanceville Fire was able to extinguish the fire in that location before the signs were incinerated.

There were no injuries to personnel at the scene.

As temperatures rise into the 90’s and vegetation dries out a bit, discarding cigarettes, cigars and other lighted smoking objects are both a poor and potentially, destructive behavior.

Don’t do it!

Cigarette Butt Generated Roadside Fire Slows Traffic On Highway 31 South

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