KANE WARD Cullman Primary 1st Grade Top Artist

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KANE WARD Cullman Primary 1st Grade Top Artist

At this afternoon’s regularly scheduled Cullman City Board of Education Monthly Meeting, RECOGNITIONS dominated the agenda. Honors and public acknowledgments to scholarship winners, students, principals, and PTO Presidents were bountiful.

Kane Ward – a 1st grader at Cullman City Primary School – was the youngest person recognized. His artwork was part of the 2018 annual State Superintendent’s Visual Art Exhibit AND Alabama 200 Bicentennial Celebration.

He handled his 3-minutes of fame in front of a standing room only crowd at the Central Offices like a veteran.


Ward’s artwork was part of an award-winning collection of original student artwork displayed in the Old Supreme Court Library in the Alabama State Capitol. The annual State Superintendent’sVisual Arts Exhibit and Bicentennial Celebration highlighted the visual arts talent of students in Grades K-12 from across the state and the educators who help foster their creativity.

The eclectic mix of pieces in the showcase depicts a variety of subjects in a variety of colors and mediums. Alabama public school systems were allowed to submit 12 pieces of artwork chosen by district officials for the showcase.

Entries from Grades K-12 were accepted, but only the higher grades are judged and exhibited.

KANE WARD Cullman Primary 1st Grade Top Artist

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