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Business: Doug Doggett Jewelers
Owner: Doug Doggett

Address: 215 Compass Way SW, Cullman, Alabama
Phone: (256) 734-7883


Usually, our Merchant of the Month focuses on small, niche, or relatively young businesses.

Recent examples:

Bubblegum & Bluejeans is primarily owner-run.

Rennard’s Art Gallery is fabulously specialized.

The Blue Eyed Rabbit is brand new to the Cullman retail scene, yet has already a powerful impact.

As you can tell, we love featuring those who haven’t been recognized in any way before.

We also like to take a moment to appreciate those that have been around a while, yet still have not outgrown their roots. Once you become successful, it is not uncommon to forget where you started from or to continue expanding until there’s no home-town feel left. It works both ways.

When you’ve been around a while, sometimes people start to overlook you, especially as you become more entrenched in the local scenery. Or maybe you aren’t overlooked so much as taken for granted. “Oh, they’ve been around forever. They’ll probably always be here. I’ll get around to visiting one day.

You may think to yourself: “I bet nothing new is happening over there.”

Does our Merchant Of The Month – Doug Doggett Jewelers – inadvertently fall into this category in your mind?

Doug Doggett Jewelers isn’t selling jewelry – they are making memories. Memories aren’t just one and done. They are made new every day. And how do you not love that?

For Deanna Millican, Kim Odom, and the rest of the crew at Doug Doggett Jewelers, that’s what it’s all about.

While waiting to begin our interview for this story, I watched the staff closely as they interacted with their customers. On the surface, it seemed they spoke of shiny adornments, ticking watches, fabulously gaudy showpieces, or baubles of understated elegance.

Upon closer listening, they had voices joyful, muted and sometimes wistful. It quickly became clear the staff was not speaking of not just an accessory, but of love from husbands, from children, from mothers and sisters and how dearly the representation of that love is held.

So inspired, I solicited their help to purchase a “welcome to the family” gift for my soon to be sister-in-law.

They listened patiently as I spoke of the times I’d met her and gently laughed with me as I stalked her Facebook page to “try on” necklaces to see if they would match her face shape and personality (Sorry, Sarah!).

Ultimately, the staff finally helped me settle on a beautiful necklace that now resides with a very lovely lady in South Korea.

Although at least one of their pieces is now a worldwide traveler, Doug Doggett’s primary love is right here at home. They are leaders in the community, giving back to the schools, to the hospitals, to the parks, to those organizations that help turn a city from being simply the place you live into the place you call your hometown.

They do so without bragging, without guile, without agenda other than to spread the love that can be found in the facets of every diamond reflecting the hope of a grand proposal and the pride in the shine of every polished watch face presented at a silver anniversary.

For this spirit, we’d like to take this opportunity to recognize Doug Doggett Jewelers as our Merchant of the Month.

We encourage you to stop in and support these hometown makers as they support you.

Cherelle Fancher

Cherelle Fancher


Fancher Education Center is the sponsor of the Cullman TodayMerchant of the Month‘ series.


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