MARTHA WILLIAMS I Never Thought I Would See This In Cullman County

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Cullman Taxpayers Screwed Schools Shorted by Alabama Higher Education
“I Never Thought I Would See This In Cullman County.”
~~ Judge Martha Williams

“Every plausible lie has a kernel of truth.

My opponent knows that and has based his entire campaign on deceiving you and trying to assassinate my character.

Why and how he has done it?

Watch this video below. It explains his attempts at blatant character assassination while merchandising the deceit he is desperate to sell you.

Running on his own record, you have rejected my opponent four times, for four different offices. Now in his fifth attempt, the only thing left for him to try is to assassinate the character of whoever he happens to be running against.

That someone happens to be me.

Unfortunately for his strategy, in my over 30 years as a private attorney, prosecutor for the DA’s Office, and as your Circuit Judge, NO ONE has ever questioned my personal or professional integrity.

Don’t let a candidate you wouldn’t elect for who he is, fool you into buying the deceit he is so desperate to sell.”

Circuit Court Judge
Martha Williams

* Paid Political Advertisement by Martha Williams, 1440 Greenwood Circle NE, Cullman, AL

MARTHA WILLIAMS I Never Thought I Would See This In Cullman County

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