Milos Awards $1000 Grant To Good Hope Primary School

by | May 16, 2018 | City News, Good Hope

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Milos Awards $1000 Grant To Good Hope Primary School

On Monday, dignitaries from Milo’s visited Good Hope Primary School. They were on hand to present Principal Tonya Cupp a grant in the amount of the $1,000.

Julianna Hallman, marketing manager of the local store on Patriots Way SW, and Tom Dekle, Milo’s CEO, came in-person to deliver the grant.

The money is from Milo’s effective and popular ‘Little Something Extra Grant‘ program.

These funds will go directly into GHPS math manipulatives initiative.

Principal Cupp had these thoughts after accepting the grant on behalf of the school:

“We here at Good Hope Primary School love Milo’s!


We appreciate them always going the extra mile for our community. From providing breakfast for our staff to incentives for our children, they always help out.


We were ecstatic to receive the ‘little something extra’ to purchase math manipulatives to deepen student understanding of the standards.”

About The LSE Foundation

When you lift the bun off Milo’s original hamburger, you’ll notice something unexpected: an extra piece of meat.

Milo’s calls that the LSE, “The Little Something Extra”.

Since 1946, that little extra piece of meat has served as a symbol of how the company sees the world. Beyond serving up great food, Milo’s wants to ensure they are making people’s lives a little bit better. They do that by always giving a little something extra, in all they do.

Milo’s understand that their success has been a product of original thinking and opportunity. Originality and opportunity start with a great education.

As a result, they developed the LSE Foundation to deliver on a simple but powerful promise: Create opportunity by supporting local educational efforts.

Milos Awards $1000 Grant To Good Hope Primary School

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