Around The World Unicyclist Makes A Stop In Cullman

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Around-The-World Unicyclist Makes A Stop In Cullman
Berlin’s Jimmy Quick Puts Him Up For The Night

Berlin Quick Stop briefly hosted world-famous unicyclist – Ed Pratt – on Sunday afternoon.

Pratt is 22 years old. He is from Somerset UK. In 2015, Ed set off on an 18,000 mile, round-the-world ride – on his UNICYCLE!

He has enjoyed the journey greatly already exceeding the original 18,000-mile mark. However, as he says:

“I say 18,000 miles because that was the original distance I planned on covering. 3 years later, I’ve reached that distance, but don’t plan on stopping quite yet.”

Longtime Berlin resident (and likely future Town councilman, Jimmy Quick) ran into Pratt yesterday at the Berlin Quick Stop.

Ed asked if he could camp out at Jimmy’s property overnight. The always generous Quick replied:

“I’ll give you a better option than camping. How about if you stay in my camper which is already set-up? You can get a hot shower and have a good comfortable bed sleep tonight.”

With a long journey to Atlanta Monday ahead, Ed quickly accepted Quick’s proposal.

Jimmy Quick conducted this interview with Ed Pratt on Sunday evening in his home:

So far, Pratt has ridden across Europe, Asia as well as Australia, New Zealand. He is currently making his way across the USA from San Francisco to New York (through Cullman County).

Pratt is raising money and awareness for School in a Bag.

School in a Bag is an initiative run by the Piers Simon Appeal. The program provides aid – in the form of school bags – to poor, orphaned, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world.

Each SchoolBag costs 20 British pounds to manufacture, fill and distribute. The bag is packed with equipment and resources that will enable a child to write, draw, color, calculate, express themselves, and above all, learn.

Ed Pratt seeks your help with the fundraising target of 18,000 pounds (£1 for every mile unicycled). This is equivalent to 900 SchoolBags and an additional 900 children that will benefit from the resources these bags provide.

Please consider donating. Thank you!

Around The World Unicyclist Makes A Stop In Cullman

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