Seven Cullman Churches Take Active Shooter Safety Training

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Seven Cullman Churches Take Active Shooter Safety Training
Session Sponsored By Cullman Attorney Alex Chaney

On Friday, members of seven Cullman-area churches arrived at the new Cullman Shooting Sports facility on Alabama Highway 69 in the East Point community.

The purpose of their visit was to participate in an extensive Active Shooter Church Safety Training program.

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This Church Safety program was originated and sponsored by Cullman Attorney (and Alabama House District 12 Representative candidate) Alex Chaney.

The churches participating in this National Rifle Association (NRA) certified class were:

• Temple Baptist
• Bethany Baptist
• Cullman Church of Christ
• Northbrook Baptist
• St. Paul’s Lutheran
• Mt. Zion
• Daystar

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In this interview, we talk with a number of direct participants in the program. In order of appearance, they are:

★ Rachel Handley – Instructor
★ Beverly Burke
★ Steve Parker – Head Instructor
★ Unnamed Female Lethal Weapon
★ Berry Limero
★ Alan Mah
★ Alex Chaney

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Alex Chaney had these thoughts on this NRA-certified Firearm Safety Course, and his role in the event:

“I thought Cullman had enough political signs, so I wanted to try to do something that would help the community …


I firmly believe that America was founded by Bible-believing Christians and based on Christian principles. But, unfortunately, we now live in a time where Pastors, Deacons, and Elders must address security concerns in their churches.


At my request, the good people at Cullman Shooting Sports and their NRA certified instructors have agreed to develop an NRA certified Firearm Safety Course for Church Security so I could sponsor these free classes. The joint goal is to help make sure that Cullman families are safe when they attend church.


I told the participating churches that I was not requesting or seeking a political endorsement. I just want to serve this community and do everything possible to make sure Cullman is a safe place to live, work and Worship.”

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Seven Cullman Churches Take Active Shooter Safety Training

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Seven Cullman Churches Take Active Shooter Safety Training


Timothy Collins

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at