Drawing Blood Inside The Bloodmobiles

by | Jun 9, 2018 | Breaking News, City News, Cullman City, Interviews, Videos

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Drawing Blood Inside The Bloodmobiles

The 14th annual City versus County Blood Drive attracted 156 participants who donated blood and /or plasma at four different LifeSouth Bloodmobiles.

The final results were:

Cullman County = 85
City of Cullman = 71

However, there were no losers. The true winners were the patients who rely on donated blood for survival.

In this video, go through the round-trip process several Cullman-area donors experienced during yesterday’s blood drive, including with two individuals possessing very rare blood types.

Warning: Portions of this video depict needle insertions and images of actual blood.

Drawing Blood Inside The Bloodmobiles

Timothy Collins

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