e-Poll Tablets Coming To Voting Precincts Across Cullman County

by | Jun 12, 2018 | County News, Cullman

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e-Poll Tablets Coming To Voting Precincts Across Cullman County

The Cullman County Commission approved a historic modernization of elections for Cullman poll workers and voters this morning.

The Commission unanimously voted to approve a request by the Cullman County Probate Office to purchase e-Poll tablets from Election Systems & Software (ESS) for EVERY voting location in Cullman County. The cost is $112,607.

A prime feature of the e-poll books is that election workers will have the ability to easily search and verify a voter’s name at the precinct where they are registered (rather than thumbing through large, unyielding paper voter roll books). The goal is to ensure better accuracy for voters while simultaneously reducing the wait time in precincts’ waiting lines.

The General Election of 2016 introduced voters in three Cullman voting precincts to a pilot program rollout of electronic polling books at:

★ Center Hill Community Center
★ Cullman County Health Department
★ Bolte-White Grove Church

Those locations had favorable experiences with the devices.

At the time, Cullman County Probate Office election employees completed training on the use of the e-poll books prior to the pilot program. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill implemented the pilot program for the use of electronic poll books in lieu of printed lists of qualified voters and the poll list by Act Number 2016-317.

In his request address to the Commission this morning, Benson Clark of the Cullman County Probate Office offered these insights into the purchase:

‘… the State has mandated that we begin using these devices instead of paper ballot books. It is now the law to start using these e-poll books. We do not have set date for when we have to have them by, but we have to have them. ES&S is giving us the incentive of 50% off a portion of the purchase price for these products. By getting them now, we are taking advantage of the discount while being well prepared for their usage at the polls when the time comes.”

The e-poll book vendor Election Systems & Software (ESS) describes the use of the equipment as ‘The Solution is Surprisingly Simple’:

“ES&S leverages proven and advanced technology to automate a process that historically consumed time and resources. Our solution manages the voter check-in process and is scalable to meet a wide variety of jurisdiction needs. With more than 15,000 units deployed, ExpressPoll-5000 is the complete, dependable solution.


The lightweight ExpressPoll-5000 stores registered voter information for precincts, districts, or entire jurisdictions. Poll workers enter an identifying piece of information onto the large, easy-to-read touchscreen to verify that a voter is registered. The ExpressPoll-5000 is intuitive and easy to use, adding value and convenience to the voting process.”

You can learn much more about e-poll books already in use in Cullman County here: Cullman County Introduces ePoll Books During Upcoming Election.

e-Poll Tablets Coming To Voting Precincts Across Cullman County

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