Bulldog Cheerleaders Bring 1st Place Finishes, Championships To Hanceville

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Bulldog Cheerleaders Bring 1st place Finishes, Championships To Hanceville

For the past week, the Hanceville High School Cheerleaders have been living at the University of Alabama at Huntsville attending the Universal Cheer Association (UCA) Camp. While at the camp, the Bulldogs were placed in the Medium Varsity Division.

The Bulldogs received the following awards:

★ 1st place – Sideline Chant
★ 1st place – Cheer
★ 1st Place – Rally Routine

★ Overall Side Line Champion
★ Overall Rally Routine Champion
★ UCA Leadership Award

The Bulldogs also received Gold Ribbons for the following evaluations:

• Sideline
• Cheer
• Rally Routine

The Bulldogs also received the Spirit Stick every day while at camp. To receive the Spirit Stick you have to: Get Involved, Be on Time, Be Respectful, Dress Up, Participate in Classes, and most importantly Have Fun!

All five Senior Cheerleaders tried out for All American Cheerleaders and also were named as an All-American Cheerleader. All of the seniors were invited to try out for UCA Staff in the spring.

The Bulldogs were also invited to perform at the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl at the Camping World Stadium due to their First Place Overall Performance.

The Bulldog Cheer Squad includes:

Tess Brown, Senior, Captain, All-American
Sadie Eddy, Senior, Captain, All-American
Lexie Edwards, Senior, All-American
Trinity Guthery, Senior, All-American
Morgan Yglesias, Senior, All-American

• Shayla Day, Junior
• Alyssa Acklin, Sophomore
• Breanna Ballou, Sophomore
• Nadia Bennefield, Sophomore
• Janiya Burnett, Sophomore
• Mollie Hall, Sophomore
• Katie Lee, Sophomore
• Maggie Ramirez, Sophomore
• Raenon Rider, Sophomore
• Anna Tidwell, Sophomore
• Dynasia Simmons, Freshman
• Victoria Stanley, Freshman
• Haley Whitehead, Freshman

Photographs by Phamie Brown

Cody Allen Kanaday

Cody Allen Kanaday

Student Staff Writer (representing the student body of Hanceville High School)

Mr. Kanaday is the first Cullman area student accepted into the Cullman Today School of Journalism. He is a student at Hanceville High School, and the proprietor of Cullman County Athletics.

Bulldog Cheerleaders Bring 1st place Finishes, Championships To Hanceville

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