2018 Cullman Fireworks Festival At Heritage Park

by | Jul 5, 2018 | City News, Cullman City

2018 Cullman Fireworks Festival At Heritage Park

Cullman area residents began arriving at Heritage Park around 4 pm Wednesday.

The occasion was the 2018 Cullman Fireworks Festival sponsored by Desperation Church.

As has become a tradition for this event, there were many activities available for all ages groups ahead of the main firework display scheduled for 9 pm.

Inflatables were the big draw for the youngster while cornhole was a favored occupation older kids (as well as some adults).

Devil Dawgs along with Heritage Park concessions and several other foods and drink vendors kept everyone well fed and hydrated.

As has occurred in recent years, nearby streets and commercial parking lots began to fill-up with firework festival attendees early in the evening.

Well aware of this phenomenon, Desperation Church teams took their ministry and bag of fun activities to those assembled outside Heritage Park.

By the time darkness settled in and the fireworks went up, most everyone was ready for the spectacle and greeted each high-impact, explosive volley with audible ‘oohs’, ‘aaws’ and times, loud cheers.

Desperation Church provided a beautiful, heartwarming, and patriotic celebration of our country’s 242nd birthday. Great job by them!

Lauren Estes Velez

Lauren Estes Velez


Lauren Estes-Velez is a graduate of Falkville High School and the University of North Alabama where she majored in broadcast journalism.

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Photographs courtesy of the Desperation Church Media Team

2018 Cullman Fireworks Festival At Heritage Park

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