Troy King Files Ethics Complaint Against Attorney General Steve Marshall

With the body of Attorney General Steve Marshall‘s wife just buried (and the race for Alabama Attorney General back on), challenger Troy King has filed a complaint against his incumbent opponent with the Alabama Ethics Commission.

With the primary runoff election for Alabama Attorney General just days away, the race has returned to full intensity.

The complaint accuses Marshall and his staff of accepting PAC-to-PAC money despite a ban on such actions formalized in 2010.

The complaint outlines how King alleges Marshall transferred at least $435,000 from the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) PAC to his campaign fund. King notes these funds were put into television commercials, direct mail, robocalls, and other campaign actions.

In 2010, the Alabama State Legislature passed a PAC-to-PAC statute supposedly banning just activities. The intent was to restrict a donor’s ability to hide contributions by shuffling them through multiple PAC’s. recently reported that Marshall’s campaign found a loophole in the law and is doing nothing wrong:

Here is a portion of Troy King’s statement from the complaint:

“As Attorney General, Steve Marshall should be upholding the law, not breaking it. Campaign finance laws should apply to him, just like they apply to everyone else.


As a former Attorney General, I understand that only when our laws are enforced as written do they act as an honest deterrent to election campaign wrongdoing. I am asking the Alabama Ethics Commission to investigate and prosecute this case swiftly and to the fullest extent of the law.”

Troy King Ethics Complaint Steve Marshall

Ethics Commission Troy King Statement of Facts



Troy King Files Ethics Complaint Against Attorney General Steve Marshall

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