4-Way Stop Petition Circulated In Northeastern Cullman County

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4-Way Stop Petition Circulated In Northeastern Cullman County

A petition is being circulated across northeastern Cullman County this week.

The petition seeks signatures in support of at least a four-way stop sign at the dangerous and confusing intersection of Alabama Highway 69 and Wesley Avenue (aka County Road 1669).

This petition was motivated in part by last week’s accident at the location which required an Air Evac medical helicopter intervention for one occupant of a wreck.

The intersection is the primary focal point for motorists in the Town of Fairview. It features both the Hutch Restuarant and the Fairview Quick Stop on respective corners.

Chris Kilgo is spearheading the petition effort. The actual petitions can currently be found and signed at:

• The Hutch Restuarant
• Fairview Quick Stop
• Fairview Chevron
• Hopper’s Market
• Holly Pond Cafe
• Holly Pond Jet Pep
• Holly Pond Super Market
• Pizza Done Right

Kilgo and his petition signers are currently compiling information about traffic flow, accidents reports, and fatality accidents at this intersection.

The goal is to present unified community support a public safety upgrade for this intersection at the next meeting of the Fairview Town Council.

According to Kilgo:

“We have an excellent Mayor and Council. I believe they will do what is best, but unless people speak out, and get behind this initiative, they will not know what the issues are. Our goal is straightforward and essential. It is to make this intersection a lot safer for all who travel in (and through) Fairview.”

On Kilgo’s Facebook page, he outlines the problem with the intersection:

“As you all know, the intersection at Highway 69 and County Road 1669 (Holly Pond/Fairview Road) is a hazardous place to pull out.

Most people pull through the gas station, or go out of their way and pull out by the golf course.

We have started a petition to get a red light or at least 4-way stop at this intersection.

We are trying to get 1000 signatures to present at the Town Council meeting on August 6.

Please consider signing this petition and let your voice be heard regarding this safety issue.

Thank you in advance for your help and support!!!”

We spoke with Fairview Fire & Rescue Cheif Doug Williams Monday night. He is supportive of the petitioners perspective:

“This department fully supports – at a minimum – a 4-way stop system with rumble strips at the intersection of Highway 69 and Wesley Avenue.”

Additionally, we spoke with several members of Fairview Fire – past and present – about the intersection. While the chose not to be identified by name, these personnel cited issues they have experienced at the intersection in the past:

1. The intersection has frequent motor vehicle accidents ranging in severity from minor to fatality.

2. Motorists entering the intersection from the south traveling northbound on Wesely Avenue cannot easily see oncoming drivers moving northbound up 69 towards Baileyton, Joppa, Arab. This situation is made far worse by the setting sun blinding drivers in the evening.

3. To avoid the confusing (and often scary) decision to enter the intersection motorists are frequently detouring into and through the commonly crowded gas pump area of the Fairview Quickstop (on the southeast corner of the intersection). This allows them to avoid the perilous decision in the intersection.

4. However this detouring action compounds the problem, creating a public safety hazard on both private and public property.


As a reporter covering this area of the county over the last three years, I can affirm what these concerned citizens are saying.

This intersection reminds me in many ways of the deadly intersection in the City of Hanceville along Highway 91 and Edmondson Road.

It took a fatality accident coupled with a loud public outcry to motivate action by elected officials and personnel from the Alabama Department of Transportation to take remedial action.

The Hanceville intersection is far safer now with the 4-way stop system and rumble strips that were rapidly installed by ALDOT workers after the incident.

This video explains the dilemma in Fairview from a layman’s perspective:

4-Way Stop Petition Circulated In Northeastern Cullman County

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