CULLMAN COUNTY WEATHER Thursday. July 12, 2018

TODAY: Mostly sunny. High 91°. Heat index 100°. Northwest wind 0 to 5 mph. 40% chance of scattered PM storms/rain.

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy. Low temperature of 70°. Mostly calm wind. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

IMAGE: Northbound on Wesley Avenue into the Town of Fairview is a problem. A petition is circulating in hopes to bring a fix:

FRIDAY: A near repeat of Thursday.

SATURDAY: 50-50 chance of heat generated storms. Partly sunny. High near 90°. South southwest wind 0 to 5 mph.

SUNDAY: Almost den tidal to Saturday. The deep Alabama summer weather pattern is entrenched.

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At 6:00 am THURSDAY current conditions at the Cullman Regional Folsom Field (KCMD) weather station:

SOME FOG – 71°
24-hour Rain Total – 0.01”

Dewpoint: 71°
Humidity: 98%
Wind: Calm
Visibility: 1.50 miles
Barometer: 30.09 inHg (rising slightly)

Sunrise = 5:45 am
Sunset = 8:00 pm

UV INTENSITY = 6.7 to 9.9 (very high)
peak at 1 pm

New Moon = 0%
Set: 5:11 am
Rise: 7:46 pm

(full pool = 510’)

POLLEN = 2.6 (low-medium)

PM2.5 – 13.7 μg/m³ (small atmospheric particulate matter)
PM10 – 42.1 μg/m³ (big atmospheric particulate matter)
O₃ – 8.57 ppb (ozone)
NO₂ – 15.3 – ppb (nitrogen dioxide)
SO₂ – 2.35 ppb (sulfur dioxide)
CO – 306 ppb (carbon monoxide)


Average Low = 65°
Average High = 91°
Average Rainfall = 0.16 inches
Record Low = 54° (1975)
Record High = 105° (1930)

Low = 66°
High = 91°
Rainfall Total = 4.78”
Snowfall Total = 0.00”
Record July Low = 50° (1983)
Record July High = 110° (1952)


1951 – The Kaw River flood occurred. The month of June that year was the wettest of record for the state of Kansas, and during the four days preceding the flood much of eastern Kansas and western Missouri received more than ten inches of rain. Flooding in the Midwest claimed 41 lives, left 200 thousand persons homeless, and caused a billion dollars property damage. Kansas City was hardest hit. The central industrial district sustained 870 million dollars property damage. (The Kansas City Weather Almanac)

1980 – Lightning struck a large broiler house in Branford, FL, and the ensuing fire broiled 11,000 nearly ready broilers. Firemen were able to save a few thousand chickens, however. (The Weather Channel)

1987 – Cool air invaded the High Plains Region. Eight cities reported record low temperatures for the date, including Sheridan, WY, with a reading of 37 degrees. Thunderstorms developing along the cold front in the central U.S. produced 6.5 inches of rain at Fort Dodge, IA, and 2.5 inches in one hour at St. Joseph MO. (The National Weather Summary)

1988 – Evening thunderstorms produced severe weather over the Dakotas, including baseball size hail at Aberdeen, SD, and softball size hail near Fullerton, ND. Thunderstorms produced heavy rain in Arkansas and northeastern Texas, with 6.59 inches reported at Mesquite, TX, in just an hour and fifteen minutes. Garland, TX, reported water up to the tops of cars following a torrential downpour. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

1989 – Early morning thunderstorms over eastern Kansas deluged McFarland with more than six inches of rain. Afternoon thunderstorms in Wyoming produced up to eighteen inches of dime size hail near Rock Springs, along with torrential rains, and a three-foot high wall of mud and water swept into the town causing more than 1.5 million dollars damage. Evening thunderstorms produced severe weather in Oklahoma and Arkansas, deluging Dardanelle, AR, with 3.50 inches of rain in less than twenty minutes. About seventy cows were killed when lightning struck a tree in Jones County, TX. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

CULLMAN COUNTY WEATHER Thursday. July 12, 2018

Timothy Collins

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at

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