STATEMENT: Cullman County Youth Football Association – Cullman Cyclones

The Board governing the Cullman County Youth Football Association (CCYFA) has issued this statement about the situation involving the Cullman Cyclones organization (which was challenged this week by the public disclosure of alleged theft, forgery, and fraud charges against its now former President):

“The Cullman County Youth Football and Cheer Association understands this is a very difficult time for the Cullman Cyclone Association.


We are pleased to say that many of the Cyclones competitors on the football field have become their partner in overcoming this situation. While unfortunate the circumstances have befallen them, it is wonderful to see the other Associations rally around the Cyclones to overcome the challenge.


Let us be very clear: the Cyclones will play football and they will Cheer and have their Majorette teams.


The associations that guide youth sports continue to work to prevent these things from happening and we will all continue to put more things in place to keep this from happening in the future. We encourage the Cyclone family and our community to leave the past in the past and let’s move forward and have a great football season for these 100 plus football players, cheerleaders, and majorettes.


Our job and commitment as board members, coaches and parents are to provide a positive experience for the kids and teach them good sportsmanship, how to take on responsibility, and not quit. So that is exactly what we need to do, let the judicial system handle the past and the rest of us move forward with our commitment to the kids.


As coaches we always tell the kids, do your job and forget the last play, well that is what we need to do now.”

The Cyclones are one of several Cullman County-based teams that are member teams in the larger CCYFA league.


STATEMENT: Cullman County Youth Football Association – Cullman Cyclones

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