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Esteemed Nuffield Australian Scholars Tour Cullman County Alabama

Esteemed Nuffield Australian Scholars Tour Cullman County Alabama

The famed Nuffield Australian Scholars continued their 2018 world tour in Cullman County Alabama USA this week.

This esteemed group of agricultural scholars from Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands have traveled the world this summer. Their long, relentless journey has taken them to Singapore, India, Qatar, Dubai, France, Belgium and finally Cullman.

This educational tour gives these high-level researchers and exceptional farm practitioners an international perspective on how best practice agricultural techniques are accomplished across the globe.

How did they choose Cullman – of all places in the United States – to visit?

Dennis Evans from Auburn University and Tony Glover of the Cullman County Extension Office were instrumental in bringing these agricultural scholars to Cullman.

The Cullman leg of their world tour was packed into just two days. Here is a short roster of what they saw while in Cullman County:

Landing by airplane in Birmingham they were whisked to Saint Bernard Abbey where they stayed for two nights

Their first stop for Day 1 was at the 40-acre vegetable farm of Jeremy and Julie Calvert Farm (County Road 143 in Bremen). They saw firsthand how crops such as peaches, strawberries, and tomatoes are raised in Alabama.

Next, came a later morning tour of Stan and Suzanne Wood’s Riverwood Farm in the 7800 block of County Road 35 in Arkadelphia.

In addition to a tour of the current Cullman Farm-City of the Year 2018’s magnificent tree farming operation, the Nuffield Scholar were treated to an ALL ALABAMA meal prepared by Glover and his County Extension Office Staff.

Here is a video of that event along with interviews with all the key participants. This presentation will explain in great detail most everything you need to know about these men’s visit to Cullman and their efforts around the world:


After lunch, it was on to Swann Covered Bridge in Cleveland. After being wowed by the bridge’s unique construction, the Scholars arrived at Debter Hereford Farm in Horton. Debter Hereford Farm is a family-based operation utilizing solid performance Hereford cattle since 1948.

The final tour location on Day 1 was Miller Farm in Snead. They specialize in both cotton production and rural photography.

The tired group of Nuffield Scholars was not done for the day though! They toured Ava Marie Grotto and then conducted ‘meet and greet’ along with consuming a big dinner at All Steak in downtown Cullman.


The Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars’ mission is to develop potential and promote excellence in all aspects of Australian agricultural production, distribution, and management through the adoption of local and international best practice, and continuous development of a unique network of industry leaders and innovators.

This group has a remarkable history:

Day 2 in Cullman began early with Casey Smith at Smith Sweet Potato Farm on County Road 1508. It was an eye-opening experience for the tour members witnessing professional, America sweet potato farming.

Ben Haynes Farm along County Road 1662 gave the Nuffields a close-up experience with cattle, hay, and grain production in the Fairview area.

During a robust lunch at Brandin Iron Restaurant in Fairview, the scholars received a great presentation by Trent Boyd. Boyd is a diversified Fruit and Vegetable Farmer with a unique marketing strategy and the current Alabama Giant Pumpkin record holder at over 1100 pounds.

They finished Day 2 with a splendid tour and visual of Duck River Dam and Reservoir.

The actual Nuffield Scholars who made the trip to Cullman are:

3rd Generation Kiwi Fruit Grower
Te Puke
New Zealand

Slower Growing Poultry and Dairy Cows
The Netherlands

Large Broadscale Farms Researcher
Koah, Queensland

He investigates alternative uses for crop residues
Kerang, Victoria

Financial Risk Manager & Multi-Peril Crop Insurer
Latham, Western Australia

Expert in using winter grazing crops to enhance soil mineral and nitrogen uptake in subsequent crops.
Canowindra, New South Wales

The Nuffield Australian Scholars are the best of the best. They are sponsored by heavyweights in Australian agriculture such as:

• ANZ Bank
• Australian Processing Tomato Growers
• Australian Wool Innovation
• Cotton Australia
• Dairy Australia
• Grains Research and Development Corporation
• Integro Private Wealth
• Meat & Livestock Australia
• Rural Bank
• Tasmanian Alkaloids
• Wine Australia

Tony Glover summed up the Nuffield’s time in Cullman County beautifully:

“It was both an honor and a privilege to have such sharp and innovative agricultural minds in Cullman. While they were the ones here to learn from us, I am certain every local farming participant involved learned something valuable from these international experts.


I want to personally thank all the farm operations and support agencies who made this all possible including Dan Porch, County Extension Coordinator in Blount County.


Perhaps most importantly, the people of the Cullman County Extension office – Tim Crow, Raydonna Sims, Jay Conway and Beth Glasscock – rose to the occasion and represented us extremely well with the spotlight of international agricultural recognition shining down on us. It makes me proud to lead these people as they continue to make Cullman County the best extension office in Alabama.”


Esteemed Nuffield Australian Scholars Tour Cullman County Alabama

Timothy Collins

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at

Timothy brings an insightful holistic perspective as well as a mountain man tenacity to his various roles at Cullman Today. You can reach him at