Citizen Tips Bust Up Hanceville Meth Distribution Operation

After receiving numerous citizen complaints and informational tips over the last few weeks, the Hanceville Police Department (HPD) focused their attention on a mobile home suspected of harboring illicit drug activity and sales along Annette Place near downtown Hanceville.

Following substantial investigative leads, Hanceville Assistant Police Chief Adam Hadder soon determined that Donald Eugene Hill was a likely resident at the residence in question.

Citizen Tips Bust Up Hanceville Meth Distribution Operation

Arrested in May 2017, Hill faced a felony charge of Possession/Receiving Controlled Substance along with a lesser charge of Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

In a plea agreement, Hill was given a 24-months of supervised probation and released back into the general population. He was still serving his probation as Hadder’s investigation ramped up.

With reasonable suspicion that Hill might be actively violating his probation guidelines, Hadder called in Alabama State Probation and Parole Officers Steven Painter and Josh Campbell.

Painter and Campbell responded immediately meeting Hadder, Lieutenant Brannon Hammick, and Sergeant Rob Long of HPD at the mobile home and suspected dope house on Annette Place.

As they arrived at the address, they observed several parties outside the dwelling engaged in suspicious activity. After a flurry of law enforcement activity, several parties were detained and questioned.

As a result, Donald Eugene Hill was found in possession of evidence linking him to the likely possession and distribution of a controlled substance, namely Methamphetamine.

Hill was promptly transported to Hanceville City Jail. Ultimately, he will make his way to the Cullman County Detention Center.

Chief Hadder indicates Hill will be charged with two (2) counts of unlawful distribution of controlled substance (methamphetamine).

Painter and Campbell expected to request the judge to revoke Hill’s probation due to the addition of these new charges.

Hadder thanked Hanceville residents for speaking up:

“Credit goes to the residents in the area. With the close watch and sharp eyes of neighbors, they were able to inform us of suspicious activity. The Hanceville Police Department is a partnership between our officers and the citizens for the good of the community. This case is an example of that partnership working as it should.”

Lieutenant Hamrick was pleased with arrest, yet concerned about Hill re-appearing in the community after a short correctional stay:

“This investigation and arrest shows what is possible with citizen participation and good police work. Unfortunately, Mr. Hill’s is now a two-time offender, and while he may spend time in jail, he’ll well be back on the streets and attempting to ply his dope trade once again.


The Hanceville Police Department will be vigilant for recidivism and repeat, criminal behavior in the future, for Mr. Hill and other multiple-time offenders. Methamphetamine merchants are destroying our society for their own addictive personal weaknesses as well as their selfish, society poisoning monetary profit.”


Citizen Tips Bust Up Hanceville Meth Distribution Operation

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