TODAY: National Hot Dog Day
In Cullman County, it is known as ‘Toby Bates Hot Dog Day’

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council designated July as Hot Dog Month and today (Wednesday, July 18th) as National Hot Dog Day.

The first National Hot Dog Day was established in 1991 to coincide with a hot dog lunch on Capitol Hill every year on the 3rd Wednesday in July.

History of the Hot Dog & National Hot Dog Day

No one seems to know the exact origin of the hot dog. However, many people attribute the hot dog lineage back to 13th-century German sausages. The sausages tradition was brought into the U.S by German immigrants during the 19th century.

The German immigrants brought not only sausages but small dachshund dogs to America. Some think the term ‘hot dog’ may be a joke about German’s thin dogs that got casually transferred to the sausages. The notion became reinforced by the fact that many Germans called these dogs “little sausages.”

As early as the 1860’s, street food vendors started selling hot dogs in buns in New York City. Documented to have occurred in St. Louis, Missouri, Antonoine Feuchtwanger sold hot dogs during this seminal timeframe.

In 1893, the owner of the St. Louis Browns (now the St. Louis Cardinals) Chris Von de Ahe combined baseball and hot dogs. The sports entrepreneur started selling them during baseball games AND at an amusement park which he owned.

In that same year, hot dogs debuted at the Colombian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. They became an instant hit.

Today, there are a variety of ways to serve the hot dog – with many regional variances in the United States.

In Cullman County, it is widely known that Logan Fire & Rescue Chief Toby Bates favors hot dogs; they are his favorite food. Bates often goes days consuming only hot dogs.

Hot Dog Facts

★ 9 billion hot dogs are sold annually in the U.S.
★ Americans eat 155 million hot dogs on the 4th of July each year
★ From Memorial Day to Labor Day, 7 billion hot dogs are consumed in the U.S
★ 26 million hot dogs a year are eaten at U.S baseball stadiums
★ In 2014, 7-Eleven sold over 60 million hot dogs
★ In 2017, 7-Eleven sold over 100 million hot dogs
★ Mustard is the most popular condiment for hot dogs
★ Ketchup and chili come in as the 2nd and 3rd most popular condiments


TODAY: National Hot Dog Day

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