Fat Cat Farm Makes Rare Festhalle Appearance Saturday

by | Jul 20, 2018 | City News, Cullman City

Fat Cat Farm Makes Rare Festhalle Appearance Saturday

Come to Festhalle Marketplatz on Saturday for an exciting variety of items from Fat Cat Farm!

“A good man, growing things the right way” is the motto of this fantastic little farm.

They have a wide selection of vegetables and herbs, and all grown organically. They are working towards their organic certification.

“Your kids could eat it straight off the plant, and some things never make it to market because we only grow what we love and sometimes we eat it all …” – Fat Cat Tomato expert

Fat Cat Farm is a small farm working towards organic certification. They grow almost 100 varieties of heirloom, heritage, and rare fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Their exciting additions to the Farmer’s Market this Saturday include:

chocolate mint
magic mint mix
orange mint
dwarf basil

Bumblebee Cherry Tomatoes
Candy Land Current Tomatoes
White Current Tomatoes

Ghost Peppers
Red Carribean Habanero
Yellow Scorpion
Sweet Polish
Zuku Sweet

Red Leaf Lettuce

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Elizabeth McDowell

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Fat Cat Farm Makes Rare Festhalle Appearance Saturday

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