Cullman City Schools Assess The Futuristic Big Picture

The Cullman City Schools Capital Plan Committee is a forward-looking enterprise committee.

As its title suggests, the committee has the responsibility of considering capital expenditure initiatives for the entire Cullman City School system.

Thr committee held a meeting on Tuesday, July 17th in the Central Office Bearcat Room.

In the meeting, Cullman City School Board members, teachers, principals, and parents discussed the 2019-2023 Capital Plan. They also talked and sorted through various priorities that may be in the works for future projects.

Hayden Faulk – the Cullman City Schools Support Services Coordinator – pointed out that the state of Alabama requires a ‘Top 10 List’ for the school system’s Capital Plan. Available state funding assistance is limited solely to projects on that Top 10 List.

Said another way, if a project is not in the Top 10, no state money is available.

The current Top 10 List for the Cullman City School system includes:

★ Extra routes of ingress an egress around Cullman City Primary School

★ Facility security upgrades that feature new locking systems and keypads

★ Classroom renovations across the school system

★ Technology and infrastructure upgrades

Acting as the measured voice of reason, Superintendent Susan Patterson reported to the committee she believed more work, and more clarity was required BEFORE before any long-term projects having significant effects can be finalized.

She also noted an architect is already involved in an assessment to generate options for possible plans for new schools or expansions to existing facilities.

Also, a demographic study is underway that will attempt to make sense of the phenomenon of stagnant birth rates in Cullman while new, and emerging industries continue to simultaneously attract new employees into Cullman and their families into the city school system.

Upon completion of demographic and architectural studies, the school system plans to meet with all stakeholders to provide further insights and ensure all school-related capital projects move in the optimal direction(s).


Cullman City Schools Assess The Futuristic Big Picture

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