Multiple Plot Plans, Rejection of FEMA Mitigation Top Commission Meeting

The following Cullman County Commission business was conducted Tuesday morning (July 24, 2018) at 10:00 am in the commission meeting room of the Cullman County Courthouse.

NOTE: The Cullman County Commission meets every second and fourth Tuesday, except in cases where the meeting date falls on a holiday, in which case the meeting moves to the following day. The schedule of the meetings are at 10 am in the Commission Office Conference Room, first floor, Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama, unless otherwise specified.

Cullman County Commission Meeting – July 24, 2018


ISSUED: Certificate of Achievement for nationally famous CARTS driver Wade Hancock. For the full story on this, please see:

RATIFIED: The Commission ratified the City of Cullman’s tax abatement for JELCO for $88,000 involving machinery and personal property.

NOT ACCEPTANCE: The Commission elected NOT to accept a FEMA-base mitigation plan related to the March 19th hailstorm.

After a declared disaster, FEMA funds are put into a mitigation funding account to prevent similar damages in the future. In this case, the projects’ primary focused was on automobile damages.

Cullman County EMS Director Phyllis Little explained this two-part project to the Commission. The projects called for galvanized metal carport installations at CARTS, EMA, Revenue Office, Sheriff’s Office, Water Department, Juvenile Detention, IT Department, and the Sales Tax Office.

The amount was almost $65,000.

Little reviewed this mitigation plan before today’s meeting of the Cullman County Commission. She presented an unfavorable recommendation to the Commission:

“This is not a feasible project to mitigate the problem. We had no input on these projects.”

The Commission voted for nonacceptance of the FEMA plan.

SURPLUS: The Commission voted to surplus the non-working Centurion Security System from Data Processing. The machines now face disposal.

APPROVED: The purchase of seven (7) new personal computer for CARTS costing $6,764.45.

Director Joyce J. Echols, Director of CARTS, took the podium to explain her office had computers in various states of malfunction and inoperability. Should they all go out at once, “we would have a problem.”

APPOINTED: Carey Thompson was appointed to the Board of Equalization to fill the term of Mark Aderhold following his resignation.

APPROVED: The purchase of a 928G Caterpillar Loader from ADECA. The vehicle will be used by the Cullman County Road Department costing $60,000.


1. Ege Subdivision located in District 1 on Leonard Road and Swafford Road.

2. Lot 1-6 in Hawk’s Nest Phase 1 Subdivision. This property’s location is in District 2 off County Road 184.

3. Lot 17-18 in Hawk’s Nest Phase 2 Subdivision also in Division 2 on County Road 184.

4. The entirety of Hawk’s Nest Phase 3 Subdivision in Division 2 on County Road 184.

5. Lots 18-20 in Clearwater Cove Subdivision located in District 2 on County Roads 2015 and 2017.


Cullman County Road Engineer John Lang reviewed three bids placed before the Commission that were approved:

1. Bid #1265 which extends a Gas & Diesel contract with B & B Petroleum.

2. Bid #1285 which allows the purchase of Aggregate. It is a split bid going to three different vendors: Springs Materials, Vulcan Materials, Madison Materials

3. Bid #1286 for Fog & Scrub Seal going to the lone responsible bidder.


Multiple Plot Plans, Rejection of FEMA Mitigation Top Commission Meeting

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