North Alabama Dive Center Opens In Cullman On August 4th

North Alabama Dive Center Opens In Cullman On August 4th

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North Alabama Dive Center Opens In Cullman On August 4th

Eric and Jennifer Parker unveil their brand new North Alabama Dive Center to the public.

With many combined years of diving certification and experience, exploring some of the most beautiful lakes and landmarks in Alabama, the Gulf Coast and even around the world, the Parkers have decided to share that love of diving with others.

With North Alabama Dive Shop, you can purchase everything dive-related that you can imagine, from the beginner diver all the way to the expert and advanced diver. The store has wetsuits, fins, masks of all colors and sizes, regulators and much more!

The Grand Opening for this innovative, unique store in Cullman from is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, August 4th.

Speaking of regulators, if you are in attendance at the Dive Shop’s Grand Opening, you could be the lucky recipient of an Aqua Lung regulator. The Aqua Lung isn’t just any regulator. It is a top-of-the-line regulator, designed by the famed marine conservationist and expert, Jacques Cousteau. Aqua Lung makes very high-end equipment, and their quality is unmatched.

Another giveaway at the Grand Opening will be a free Open Water Certification. One lucky winner will be able to win this amazing prize! You can put it to good use at The North Alabama Dive Center.

What if you don’t know how to scuba dive?

No problem! Eric Parker is a certified instructor, and he has courses that take you from the classroom stages to practical applications and then to local swimming pools. The final destination of your training is open water. 

These courses provide you the opportunity to explore, demonstrate, and master your skills as well as ask questions of the professionals all along the way.

Students Blinda and Evan Walker are incredibly pleased with the process and the results.

“Our experience with Eric has been great. One of the things I can appreciate about Eric is that he takes into consideration is the risk. He can take something that can be dangerous but makes it easy to learn and follow, gives you the theory and knowledge to execute everything.


He has patience and even fears that I had, he helped me overcome them so that I could achieve my dreams of being a diver. We have only been certified since December, and right now we have 17 dives under our belt, and we have dove at Stuart Cove in the Bahamas where Shark Week was filmed at the Bahamas. We would not have had that opportunity if we hadn’t met Eric.”

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Jennifer is most excited about booking trips and dives through the North Alabama Dive Center to various exciting locations. The Parkers discussed controlled dives through aquariums as we discussed sharks, stingrays, remora and various types of fish.

Eric Parker has a diverse background in diving experience. He has actively been a part of the Cullman County Sheriff Office ‘Search and Recovery Team’ for the past three years. Mr. Parker has participated in numerous wreck diving missions and has also participated in dives for lost items. He also holds certifications for underwater cave dives. Eric has participated on dives with the Lulu, The Black Bart, the Oriskany (the most significant human-made reef in the world on an aircraft carrier from the Vietnam era). Touching international fame, he dove in Stuart Cove in the Bahamas, where the Discovery Channel films ‘Shark Week‘ is filmed.

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How old must one be to scuba dive?

AGE 8: Scuba Ranger

This first level is a way for youngsters acquainted with all the essential aspects of snorkeling and scuba diving.

Pool classes offered
Week-long classes
Mask, Fins, Snorkel Scuba
Certificate that says ‘Scuba Ranger.’

AGE 10: Junior Scuba

This age level brings the opportunity to earn an Open Water Certificate.


Students aspire to and receive their Open Water Certificate.

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I WANT TO SCUBA! What Can I Expect?

Classroom Orientation (equipment overview and what to expect)
Class and Pool Sessions
Watermanship Qualification – 600-yard swim (not timed)
10 minutes of Treading Water
Buddy Tow (unconscious diver the length of the pool)
Clearing Your Mask
Regulator Recovery
Buddy Breathing

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We Asked The Parker’s About Their Most Memorable Dive?

“Several years ago, Jenn and I went down to Panama City. Waves were coming up over the top of the boat about 8 to 10 feet high. People were getting seasick and afraid. The captain blew the horn and said you have ten minutes, start getting ready. They anchored down, and people started piling off the boat. Once you get about 15 feet under the water, it’s all calm. The chaos from up above has now gone away. All you can hear is the bubbles. All you can see is the fish start coming out. It’s just unreal.

You can be diving an old bridge span and look under and see a toadfish or an octopus or goliath grouper and these things come up to you like ‘what are you’? Because you are something new to them.” – Eric Parker

The Parkers went on to describe what it feels like to swim alongside 6 foot long Barracudas. They note that they are very curious and attracted to shiny things. They admit that the first time is a little intimidating. The actual encounter even more so, particularly with the sea life being extremely curious about you simultaneously.

Imagine swimming next to a 6 foot long Barracuda. Those sharp teeth would be enough to make anyone jump out of their skin a few feet.

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If these stories have you hungry to learn more about the new North Alabama Dive Center and what they have to offer, come by from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on August 4th. You can meet The Parkers, check out all of the cool scuba gear and get more information about Cullman’s newest and most exciting shop!

1704 2nd Avenue SW
Cullman, Alabama 35055
(256) 708-1073

Don’t miss this opportunity to sign up for classes and talk to the experts about their favorite diving spots and experiences. Who knows, you may even win that top of the line Aqua Lung regulator?

Author’s Note: Stay tuned and follow me, as I embark on my journey to become a certified scuba diver under the guidance of Eric and Jennifer.

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Tiffany Collins

Tiffany Collins is Cullman Today's Community Events & Life Announcements Coordinator. She enjoys supporting citizens of greater Cullman County in celebrating their personal and professional successes and achievements.

Tiffany Collins is Cullman Today's Community Events & Life Announcements Coordinator. She enjoys supporting citizens of greater Cullman County in celebrating their personal and professional successes and achievements.