Berlin Sunshine Club Saving Lives

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Berlin Sunshine Club Saving Human Lives
Partner With Cullman EMS To Reduce Suffering

The ladies of the Berlin Sunshine Club invited Cullman EMS Director James Curtis to speak at their most recent monthly meeting at the Berlin Community Center.

Curtis’ message had a powerful and motivating impact on several members of this 63-year old Cullman County women’s group. Longtime club member Wanda Hodge particularly resonated with the EMS Director’s message.

Hodge attended the meeting wearing a handmade cell phone holder around her neck. She explained to Curtis the potential life-saving benefits of this simple cloth device. She also talked at length about the comfort and sense of security it gave her when thinking about a possible medical emergency in her life.

The discussion between Curtis and Hodge led to a logical next step: Supplying these cell phone holders to Cullman County residents who may be living in vulnerable medical situations.

Their jointly agreed to idea has now allowed Cullman EMS field technicians to carry these devices in their ambulances and dispense them – FREE OF CHARGE – as needed as they make emergency calls 365/24/7.

In this interview below, you can learn all the details of how the Berlin Sunshine Club is saving lives and partnering with Cullman EMS to reduce suffering in the community. In order of appearance are:

James Curtis – EMS Director
Wanda Hodge – device creator
Susie Smith – club historian
Tomiko Orr – device production


Established in 1955, the Berlin Sunshine Club has continuously operated iand served the Berlin Community since that time.

The Club is made up of the following individuals:

Patty Martin – President
Joan Walker – Treasurer
Gail Wood – Secretary

Wanda Hodge
Susie Smith
Tomiko Orr
Jill Hollis
Ann Bishop
Karen Dunn
Joan Walker
Tootie Sanford
Doris Walker
Peggy Hardman
Susie Smith
Regina Johnson
Becky Burks
Becky Cook
Marilyn Bolte
June Butts
Joyce Rodgers

Guests welcome to attend Sunshine Club meetings.

For more information on the club or its events, contact Patty Martin at 256-708-9437 or any club member.

You do not have to be a Berlin Community resident to join.


Berlin Sunshine Club Saving Human Lives

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