Two Gas Pumps Damaged By Moving Car In Garden City

Things got a little scary for a few minutes this afternoon in Garden City.

A passenger car operated by a female driver crashed into the gas pumps at the PURE gasoline station and store in Garden City.

This facility used to be the well-known Garden City Chevron in the 300 block of 1st Avenue South.

One of the fuel pumps got along the concrete during the incident, ripped from the underground fuel supply. A second pump sustained exterior damage similar to that seen in a vehicular fender bender.

The scary part of this incident was experienced by nearby witnesses and participants who had the normal fear response associated with of a potential gasoline leak and explosion. Fortunately, the automated fuel shutoff systems for the pumps worked. No explosion or fire occurred.

Also, no significant gasoline leaked onto the surrounding store driveway.

Witnesses expressed concerns that driver may have been under the influence of some substance at the time of this afternoon’s pump damage episode.

A deputy with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office arrived quickly at the location after the 911 call. It is currently publicly known if the impact to the gasoline pumps was an accident, a conscious act, or a by-product of an impaired state.

Personnel from Garden City Fire Rescue were also active at the location ensuring safety around the fuel pumps and providing traffic control.

A medical team from Cullman EMS responded, but their transportation service was not needed as the driver was uninjured in the incident.


Two Gas Pumps Damaged By Moving Car In Garden City

Photographs by Chelsea Etheridge

Timothy Collins

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