Vinemont The Superior Team Against East Lawrence

Note: This contest was a Jamboree game that does not count on either squad’s official 2018 win-loss record.

With only five Vinemont football wins in the past three seasons, Eagles second-year coach Stephen Robinson has been building team spirit, player chemistry, and strict accountability to an all-time high nonetheless.

The results of his coaching efforts and the player buy-in to the program got their first test of 2018 in a Jamboree game at East Lawrence Eagles Stadium in Trinity on Friday night.

While there were few displays of dominance by either team in the first half, the Vinemont defense produced two points on a safety accounting for the game’s first score around the 3-minute mark in the first quarter.

Vinemont took the ball after the safety, and the offense masterfully moved downfield for what appeared to be a sure touchdown. That did not happen due to some stout East Lawrence defense converting a fourth-and-goal situation to get the ball back.

On the next sequence, Junior linebacker Travis Hopper recovered a fumble that gave Vinemont one last chance to score before halftime. From 47-yard out, Quarterback Jack Hill drop a beautiful pass into Teague Whatley who showed some fancy footwork and determination as he scored the game’s first touchdown.

With that touchdown and failed PAT, Vinemont took an 8-0 lead into intermission.

Vinemont’s consistent, clearly superior play was finally rewarded in the second have with three additional touchdowns that the Black and Gold Eagles of East Lawrence who had no remedy, nor answer for, the Vinemont onslaught.

Dustin Moore, Dalton Whitehead, and Hill-to-Whatley had their hands on the ball for those three pivotal scores.

A 29-6 fourth-quarter lead seemed plenty safe.

Nonetheless, East Lawrence made the score respectable in the fourth with garbage time touchdowns by Payne Gable, and Caiden Rivers tacking on two touchdowns for East Lawrence.

Vinemont Eagles 29
East Lawrence Eagles 18

While this was not the final result first-year East Lawrence head coach James Moore was looking for, he can be pleased with a few bright spots on his squad among the skilled operators the and interior line portions of his team.

Vinemont Eagles super fan – Chris Harrison – had these comment during the game. They perfectly encapsulate the essence of what occurred:

“Our boys are playing the most aggressive that we played since I was in school from 92-95. Not trying to speak to soon but our boys are playing like their life depends on it.


East Lawrence is a big team, but coach Stephen Robinson has our guys playing aggressive, mean and they want it more right now. Anything can always happen but right now we are in control. Coach had these guys ready.”

The season starts for real for both squads next week.

The 3A, Region 5 Vinemont Eagles host their old nemesis, the Falkville Blue Devils. Falkville dismantled Vinemont 47-7 in last year’s season-closing game. Eagles incumbent players will recall that nasty lost. Expect Vinemont to be far more competitive this time around.

The 3A, Region East Lawrence Eagles, welcome St. John Paul for their season opener. These two teams have never met on a football field before.

Images by: Mandy Clemmons Preiss, Chris Harrison, and Vinemont High School

Report by a another Vinemont superfan: Ricky Collins


Vinemont The Superior Team Against East Lawrence


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