Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio:

Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

Have you ever heard of the radio station WRJM-LP? How about Live 95! Cullman’s Independent Radio station? 

Live 95! (aka WRJM-LP) is based in Cullman Alabama. It is the only radio station with a focus solely on Cullman County.


Give them a listen now:  


Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

Live 95 (WRJM-LP) is a low-power radio station licensed to serve the Community of Cullman, Alabama.

Live 95 is owned and operated by a non-profit company – Cullman Community Radio. They transmit out their broadcasts from offices and studios also located in the northeastern sector of the City of Cullman. Other Cullman-based radio stations have signals that reach far beyond WRJM-LP’s local target community: Cullman County.

Live 95 Cullman Independent RadioThe original concept of Live 95! began in November of 2013. The principals in the radio station – Jay and Jay Fuller – applied for a new type of broadcast license made available by the Federal Communications Commission: a low-power broadcast license. In April of 2014, they received that low power broadcast license and began building out the radio station that is now know as WRJM-LP.

Secret: We aRe Jay & Melissa – Low Power


Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio


The station signed on with test equipment around 5:30 pm on April 7, 2014.

The first song on the air was You and Me by the Dave Matthews Band. With simple beginning, the station began to air announcements in between programming telling listeners to ‘Find Us On Facebook’. On April 18, they received their first Facebook post from someone they did not recognize personally. That day was a moment of celebration, someone found them by “scanning the dial”.

Since that April 18th date, the radio station has steadily, yet rapidly, evolved.


Live-95-Cullmans-Independent-Radio-612-3Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

The core of the Live 95! mission was (and still is) simple:  Introduce the radio listeners of Cullman to musical offering they may never have heard before.

Due to the available radio broadcast choices on the FM dial in Cullman County, the station felt people were being under-serviced musically. No longer, here is such a sample of the artists routinely spotlighted on Live95!:

Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

Live 95 prefers to be unique and different about many aspects of their station.

Sponsorships and advertising concepts are no different. They have created what they believe is a unique opportunity for small budget businesses to get their name on the radio for a very minimum cost. Additionally, Live 95 has a commitment to return 100% of it’s net profits to local charity. They have applied for our non-profit 501(c)3 status.

Ultimately, Live 95! wants to focus on the community. They want to empower small businesses who do not have large budgets to get their name on the air. Their goal is to feature and promote the community of Cullman county – from public service announcements. to spontaneous public appearances and broadcasts, to live severe-weather coverage during a weather emergency.


Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

How WRJM-LP Got Their Broadcasting License

Cullman Community Radio applied for an FM-Broadcast license with the Federal Communications Commission in November of 2013. Low power FM broadcast licenses were first issued in the year 2000, but a low adoption rate and a high level of resistance from full power broadcasters kept low power FM broadcast licenses off the table for over a decade.

The National Association of Broadcasters fought low power FM broadcast licenses and thus, bills in Congress to restore the availability of low power broadcast licenses failed in 2005 and 2007. The National Association of Broadcasters argued that additional low power broadcasters on the air reduced the coverage of Full Power FM radio stations and thus caused additional problems and loss of revenue. Continued research into these arguments by the Federal Communication Commission found little merit of these claims. However, when the law was proposed, new, stronger rules were put into effect to prevent potential interference to full service broadcast stations.


Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

A Brief History of Radio in Cullman

Cullman, Alabama used to have a full service FM on 95.5.

WXXR-FM signed on in 1996 and aired an oldies format. At some point in their lifespan, the owners of WFMH, who broadcasted on 101.1 FM, sub-leased that station to a group formed in Birmingham who wanted to play contemporary christian music on that frequency. At that time, WFMH-FM purchased 95.5 from WXXR-FM, and moved their classic country format from 101.1 to 95.5.

Several years later, “95.7 Jamz” out of Birmingham wanted to increase their broadcast signal, so several agreements were made. First, “WFMH”, then on 95.5 FM, had to agree to move their transmitter and city of license to Hackleburg, Alabama, some 60 miles to the west (thus freeing up room for 95.7 to “boost power”). Second, WRSA-FM (96.9) had to agree to change their City of License to Holly Pond, Alabama, to thus “plug the hole” left by the movement of WFMH to Hackleburg. The 96.9 transmitter did not move nor did the studio – this was basically a formality. Additionally, stations located to the east and west of 95.7 Jamz also had to move, in order for 95.7 to increase their power.

All of this took place in the middle of the 2000’s (2006-2007 time frame), and thus Cullman no longer had a 95.5 frequency.

The FCC is very picky about whom it allows to broadcast on what channel – if at all. Had Live 95! (WRJM-LP) been located on a tower south of their current location, 95.5 FM would no longer be an available frequency – it would be too close to 95.7 FM. Oneonta, Alabama has an “FM translator” on 95.3 FM which is also very close to WRJM-LP. 101.7 was also an available frequency, if WRJM-LP were to move south of our current transmitter location, but studies showed that frequency and location would not provide as good a signal as the current transmitter site for Live 95!  And all that, explains why the radio station frequency is 95.5 FM.


Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

The Construction and Reach of Live 95!

WRJM-LP had companies from all across the United States contacting them once they received their construction permit to build out the actual radio station. However, Live 95! decided to keep it local. They employed Baker Productions to build out the station and transmitting equipment.

Since WRJM-LP is a low-power station, the signal does not get as far as a “normal” FM radio station would.

Once on the air, Live 95! has determined their signal gets about to Baileyton-Joppa area to the east, to West Point to the West, just off Lacon mountain to the north, and  Hanceville to the south.

During exploratory ‘broadcast reach’ trips,  WRJM-LP found the station came in clearly in Garden City; on another day, it did not. Same deal situation applies in the Dodge City area; on the interstate, it gets to the southern edge of Dodge City, then begins to break up once you travel south or west of Dodge City. Thus, Live 95! does cover most of Cullman County – but not all. The operate a transmitter with the wattage of a hair dryer, turned up to High. They cover as much territory as the FCC broadcast license allows.


Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio

How You Can Contact Live 95!

WRJM-LP is a service of Cullman Community Radio, P.O. Box 547, Cullman AL, 35056

e-mail address:

Sales Contact Information: 256-735-6413
Studio Call-In Line: 256-737-9505

Current Playlist:




Live 95 Cullman Independent Radio


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