Cullman Today - Credits & Attributions


Credits & Attributions

Last revised: February 17 2015



Cullman Today would like to credit and acknowledge the following parties for their small, yet very meaningful, contributions to the visual story-telling, style and flavor of this website.

A number of the iconic images and graphic art on this website were created by Cullman Graphic Design.

Some of the maps displayed on the website were provided by the Greater Cullman Metropolitan Area (GCMA).

Some of the Icons used and adapted on this website were made by Freepik from Flaticon licensed under 3.0.

Some of the Images used on this website are utilized through and their License Attributions 2.0 and 4.0. The images utilized under these Creative Commons License Attributions are either used in their unaltered, original state, or have received only slight modifications in size and/or resolution.

The Creative Commons photographers associated with these license attributions are listed below in no particularly order – we really appreciate and applaud their brilliant photographic skills!

Roger H. Goun


Mosman Council

Mike Linksvayer

Ann Harkness

This website is designed, programmed, animated and maintained by Cullman Web Design under the guidance of Cullman Today.

Cullman Today - Credits & Attributions