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Here is our detailed weather analysis and forecast of all things statistical you might be interested in:


From Cullman Today: Weather Forecast Cullman Alabama. Our Weather Forecasts come to life with ongoing updates and live videos.

The best weather forecasts Cullman Alabama factor into account all meteorological events that are occurring over the larger region. Identifying where storms are now assists forecasters in predicting where storms will be tomorrow and the next day and beyond. High technology, such as satellites and Doppler, guides the process of examining a large area, as a network of weather observation stations.

The tumultuous state of the atmosphere always means it is impossible to predict the weather more than 10 to 14 in advance. With that said, newer technologies combined with traditional methodologies are opening doors so forecasters can develop better and more comprehensive long-term forecasts.

Those tools are:

Doppler Radar
Unlike traditional radar (which can only report the location and strength of precipitation), Doppler radar is able to indicate precisely the wind direction, wind speed and the boundaries emanating from warm and cold fronts. This capabilities has made Doppler radar an indispensable tool for weather forecasts Cullman Alabama.

Observation Tools
Satellites, dropsondes, weather stations, weather buoys, drones, electronically wired birds, ships, and airplanes are all part of the ever growing sources of weather data. Weather stations and buoys record various weather variances at fixed locations. Ships and airplanes are effectively mobile weather stations. Additionally, each day 1800 dropsondes collect weather information as they drop through the sky after being launched from balloons or released from airplanes. Satellites, with their broad spectrum view of the weather, are a critical component sources of weather information. The weather data from all of these sources are linked by databases into a super computer making weather forecast Cullman Alabama far more reliable and extensive.

Numerical sequencing and utilizing mathematical calculations to forecast the weather is at the forefront of modern meteorology. Supercomputers, capable of doing more than 2+ billion computations per second, are inputted weather information from all the above sources. To generate weather predictions, they perform many calculations taking into account a wide range of factors such as air pressure differentiations, solar radionics, the Earth’s rotation speed, and the geeky water cycle. This allows weathermen/women to generate more accurate forecasts than ever before.

And that’s how Cullman Today acquires its Weather Forecast Cullman Alabama.


Weather Forecast Cullman Alabama

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